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Security Cameras

Network Your Cameras, Wirelessly

MTS Iowa can design and build a self hosted video surveillance system. For the security manager, the shift to network video creates new opportunities for digital technology to deliver maximum value.  The move to open systems empowers a much more productive and cost-effective means of surveillance than was ever possible, including powerful intelligence capturing capabilities.

How it works

The network video system uses standard IP networks, such as Local Area Networks (LANs) and the Internet, for transporting information, rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling used in analog video systems.  The network cameras capture and send live video connecting directly to the IP network.  A standard PC can be used to monitor and record the video and any camera can be monitored remotely from anywhere on the internet.

Below is a simplified schematic of an IP surveillance system:


Highlights of IP Surveillance:

  • The technology used in IP Cameras allow manufacturers to provide higher megapixel sensors that utilize higher quality lenses resulting in sharper and more color balanced picture quality.
  • Superior quality gives you the ability to identify people and objects like never before.
  • True enterprise solution: The scalability and flexibility of the IP system allows for any number of cameras from any number of locations that can all be recorded and viewed from anywhere. This creates added security by eliminating a single point of failure.
  • Integration: Since IP technology is being utilized in most networks, existing standards make integration more prevalent and cost-effective.
  • Cost effective: IP technology is more cost effective on many levels. Installation can utilize your existing network and cabling, your existing IT staff can include video servers into current maintenance plans and service equipment themselves, all video is stored on hard drives eliminating the need for tapes, and artificial intelligence can eliminate the need for a person to monitor video.
  • Future proof investment: IP technology is well established and is already an industry standard. Any IP technology will be a secure investment far into the future.